We stock a vast range of incredibly reliable, secure and affordable padlocks to suit every customers needs. These range from small combination padlocks for suitcases, mid-range padlocks for household gates, all the way up-to CEN 6 insurance rated high security padlocks for industrial complexes. Also available to you is the option to have keyed alike padlocks so one key will work every padlock in the set, very useful if you have multiple sites to attend then you will only need to carry around and use one key.

NEW - ABUS Titalium range

Lightweight, weather-resistant, strong

We now stock the latest range of ABUS padlocks from the Titalium range. These padlocks are similar to the brass padlocks we’re all accustomed to however they are made from a new innovative material which makes them light to hold – yet still as strong and durable all whilst being highly weather resistant.

ABUS 83 Series

Insurance CEN Rated. Sold Secure Padlocks.

With the 83 series from ABUS, you are investing in one of the most durable padlocks on the market. The ABUS Rock series is widely regarded as one of the best padlocks money can buy and we stock them all here at Cummings Locksmiths. The 83 series includes the formidable looking 83CS/80 which is commonly said to be the most secure padlock you can buy.


World Famous

Renowned for being one of the most secure tried and tested padlocks in the world. The ABUS Granit range has been securing gates and the like for years – some gates we have supplied to are still being protected by the same Granit padlock for over 10 years! A major bonus to having a Granit padlock is the highly secure disc locking system it uses instead of a regular pin system, making it highly resistant against lock-picking.